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Monday, September 19, 2016

2019 San Antonio Fishing Map, Fishing Report, Hunting Clubs, private fishing nearby

  Lake San Antonio Fishing Map, Fishing Report, Local  Monterey Hunting Clubs, fishing Striped bass, Largemouth and crappie

fishing map and Lake San Antonio fishing report, how to fish lake san antonio

How to fish Lake San Antonio and Where to find Big Bass and Crappie

March 2019 Conditions:
San Antonio is now 83 percent of capacity,

 Stripers  around the island on swimbaits or jigging spoons schools of bait. The Large and smallmouth bass in the shallow are taking reaction baits or plastics. Only kayaks, canoes, or inflatables can get on the water, because the ramps are closed 
 Information:  main office  805-472-2313.  Marina number  805-472-2818.

How to Fish Lake San Antonio

 There are a lot of  black bass fishermen in the central state  who will swear Lake San Antonio offers  absolutely the best bass a fishing, California  angler can ask for. And they could be right.
Lake San Antonio fishermen have seen  their fair share of big bucketmouths in  the last few years, and more than their  fair share of bass in the 5-pound range.  But another proud faction of folks who fish this reservoir smugly maintain that bigmouth bass are poor substitutes in the face of Lake San Antonio’s striped bass  fishery.
 The point‘s well taken; in fact, it  looks like healthy competition between  these two committees is bound to continue.  Some lakes have it and some lakes don't, but Lake San Antonio's plum full of habitat particularly well-suited to  warm-water structure loving species  like bass, crappie, bluegill and stripers,  thanks to the efforts of state and county  lake supervisors and local volunteers.
The average striper here weighs  between 12 and 18 pounds, according to  Davis, and a 20 pounder is by no means  a rarity.  The Lake record is 36 pounds!   Probably the best way to fish stripers  right now is with topwater lures in the  early mornings and early evenings.  Locals attest to the merits of Hopkins  Spoons, Zara Spooks, Devils Horses, or gear up with waterdogs and Mister ‘Twisters  and head for the main channels, where  in winter, the linesides lurk in about 30  feet of water. 
Shiny Kastmasters and other spoons  can also be trolled with leadcore line or  behind flashers.  Hot spots for stripers vary by season, but they seem to like rummaging in the stretch between the South Shore Marina  and North Shore Marina, and along the  bank from the South Shore Marina  down to the beach. Winter fish are also pulled out at the dam, and both largemouth and striped bass are often congregated off the Chalk Cliffs.  Refer to our Lake San Antonio fishing map above.
Another option that’s just now getting some play among Golden State  sportsmen is fly fishing for stripers.  Stripers can be fished close to the surface and slightly deeper with flies usually employed for taking saltwater stripers, such as Lefty’s Deceivers and the Bay-Delta Eelet. 
Use a boat to explore when fishing stripers, because they're itinerant feeders and constantly on the move. Still, stripers in any given impoundment will have favorite feeding areas where the forage base is thick and structure readily available. Streamers that resemble shad and other forage fish can elicit a determined response from a striper when fished with a fairly fast, erratic retrieve.
If you’ve tried a variety of colors with no response, vary the sizes of the flies you  employ; stripers are known to be selective when there‘s plenty of food around. 
Now for those largemouth bass,  there are just about as many “best”  ways to fish ‘em as there are dedicated  bass fishermen. Purple ¾ ounce leadhead jigs.  Purple and black plastic worms, shad- colored leadhead jigs and crawdad-colored crankbaits.
Wintertime, bigmouths were roaming  the 20-foot range off rocky points.  Knowing where to fish is essential.  Prime winter spots include the Harris  Creek arm, Twin Coves and Laguna  Canyon.  Antonio‘s sturdy population of  largemouth is due to expand, thanks to a  long-range enhancement project that’s  already had a very positive impact. 
Most of the lakes in California were built by water engineers who are worried that if they left structure in the lake  bottom, it would screw up the valves.  The reason for the big spawn is due in large part to  the oak tree brush shelters, synthetic shelters and Christmas  tree escape habitats placed strategically by park personnel  and volunteers. 
Lake San Antonio Fishing Information. Size: Lake San Antonio Lake offers 60 miles of shoreline, is 16 miles long  and has 5,687 surface acres.  How to get there: Take the Jolon Road exit off Highway 101 south from San Francisco or Sacramento. Northbound from Santa Barbara or points south, take the G-14 County Road exit off Hwy. 101  in Paso Robles. From l-5, take Hwy. 46 west to Hwy. 101 and pick up  scenic- route G-14. 
Species: Striped bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie,  redear perch, bluegill and several species of catfish.  Techniques: Stillfishing, trolling, jigging, fly fishing and spincasting  are all effective.
  Camping: Three campgrounds maintained by the Monterey County  Parks Department have a total of 262 campsites with electrical  hook-ups, 180 sites with water and hook-ups, several tent sites  and cabins that can be rented on a three day or weekly basis. 
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